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This is so exciting! After seven years of hard work on the recipes, it is so rewarding to see my book published. Now you can cook down-home Punjabi food for the whole family, just like Bebeji and my Indian aunties.

Watch an excerpt from my book launch on 9/9/09 at the Rubin Museum of Art:

Arranged in a unique format, this cookbook takes the reader on a nostalgic culinary journey through the Punjab.  A colorful memory introduces each menu, bringing the culture and cuisine of the Punjab alive for the readers.

You will learn what happened the moment I met my future husband and how I promised to care for a woman I had not yet met--journeying half-way around the world and living in a village, which at that time had no electricity nor running water.

Of the 158 recipes, 133 are vegetarian, many vegan and all marked as such for your convenience.  There are 15 great recipes for flatbreads that will make you a pro. And if you like the sweet life, there are 24 dessert recipes.  

You may purchase the book online at Hippocrene Books

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