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  • Jaskaran Kaur, co-founder and co-director of Ensaaf, a human rights and justice organization, has put all the ideals of "Living Sikhi" into practice.
  • Stories of our Sikh ancestors are epitome of courage, valor and supreme sacrifice:
  • The NYC Bhangra Club is a great place to learn the popular folk dance from Punjab. You don't have to be Punjabi to enjoy the pulsating rhythm and dynamic steps that have made this dance a world-wide sensation. Megha Kalia will teach you in no time, and what a workout!
  • is the website and blog of writer, activist, and academic, Raj Patel.  He is helping to educate the world on the dangers of big corporations manipulating the food supply. As the villagers of Punjab are reaping the results of pesticides and artificial fertilizer and pollution in "Cancer Alley", we must to publicize the benefits of organic food and clean water and air, before we are all victims. We eat organic now!



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