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Book Reviews

"Veronica Sidhu's writing tantalizes the senses and transports the reader to India. The pairing of memoir and menu redefines the very meaning of oral history." -Sheraton Kalouria, former President, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

"As a new bride going into a big new family, your recipe book stays close to me at all times, and your recipes truly delight." -Aman

"This book will become 'the bible' of Indian cooking!" -Carolynn Bridge, a former Betty Crocker and co-owner of Bridge Kitchenware, Manhattan and New Jersey

"One thing that I look for in any good cookbook is detailed recipes that can be reproduced in a home kitchen. The recipes here are clearly described, and can be prepared by someone with little prior experience in learning Indian cooking. I prepared "Cheese Squares in Creamy Gravy, Khoa Paneer on page 91 for a party at work, and my coworkers simply raved about this recipe."  -J. Baird, Organic Champ

"Sidhu has dipped into--and helped preserve -- a rich culinary tradition that extends back hundreds of years." -Andrew F. Smith, food historian and editor-in-chief of The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America

"Never before have I cried when reading a cookbook, and I cannot imagine ever doing so again... She introduces ...the culinary skills required to execute a perfect meal ..everything from tempting a future husband to simple fare, hunting expeditions to birthdays and weddings....Love abounds here, it is no ordinary book, no ordinary fare, and no ordinary culture. It reminds us that even Guru Nanak came home from his travels to tend his fields." -Michele Gibson,

"My copy is now worn from so much love; from having prepared so many of the menus in it! ... Having journeyed through many, many cookbooks, I can easily say that Rani is my "cooking hero".------------------------Emily Vosseller

"Veronica Sidhu has ingeniously taken what we all love about food, the taste, the stories associated with each dish and the people we hold dear, and has created a book that weaves all of these experiences together.... As I made the Vegetable Cutlets - Subze Tikee and the Cashew Coconut Chutney - Kajoo Khopa Chutney with my dearest friends it was as if we were learning about Veronica, her life and her experiences through these easy to understand recipes. She has appropriately titled this it sheds light on what a food truly means to the heart."-Manraj Singh Pannu: Canada’s Top Sikh Chef

"This is Punjab for you in a nutshell: complete with the sights, smells, sounds, dance, poetry, mysticism AND flavour that is Punjab. Greatly enjoyed this feast for the body and soul! This should be on everyones wishlist this holiday season." -Harmon Singh

"Your book, Menus and Memories from Punjab, is amazing. It captures the essence of Malva culture in a fully deep and comprehensive manner. This book needs to be in every Malvaee home. Thanks for producing such a precious book." - Balwant Singh Sekhon

"... your book was open on her counter, and she was making green beans and potatoes.  And my daughter, Elizabeth, who lives in Washington, DC, has also been cooking from your book. Elizabeth has Julie Sahni's cookbook, too, and told me that yours is so much easier to follow, and your recipes have all come out well, and are delicious." 
-Judy Richman

"Veronica Sidhu--a Punjabi cooking expert" -Jayne Salomon, The Westfield Leader

"For those who are nervous about cooking with unfamiliar spices, the stories will convince them to try the recipes. Those who find the Punjabi seasonings already familiar will find a treasure trove of easy to follow recipes." -Melissa Keenan

".. the pages about preparing meals for special days are sure to warm the reader's heart while inspiring them to make the most of special occasions. A welcome and highly recommended addition to international cookbook shelves." -Midwest Review of Books

Lecture Reviews

Rani was overwhelmed by the positive response to her lectures in Cape May for the Herb Society and Cape May County Library and for the Mt. Lakes branch of the American Association of University Women. Here is a letter she received from the vice-chairperson:

Dear Rani -
What a pleasure it was to meet you and Paul! Your presentation was so well received and you did a wonderful job in introducing the Indian herbs, Punjabi cooking and the health benefits of cooking with the herbs. I found your visuals so inspiring and a beautiful addition to your presentation. How nice of you to share personal pictures and lovely stories - it made me feel part of your family and experience. You shared so much of your beautiful self and were so thoughtful.

I can't thank you enough for sharing the food and the various bags of herbs. I am so new to this style of cooking and feel like a novice but also very excited to try a hand at it. I had tasted Indian cooking before but had been disappointed that the herbs used had overpowered the taste of the food. Your food selections were so delicious and you have now made me realize how true it is - that all Indian cooking is not the same. You opened your heart to all of us and that came through with your yummy food samples. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences but especially for sharing YOU - a beautiful woman with a big heart and love for all. I hope our paths cross again.

Please say hello to Paul - what a wonderful man you married - so supportive and helpful. I'm quite sure that his mother and your grandson continue to smile upon both of you. 
Blessings to you as you continue on your path! 

With A Smile, 

Elaine  Shaughnessy, Vice-Chairperson, Program Coordinator Herb society of America South Jersey Unit

PS...Your presentation was very informative and complete and I wouldn't change a thing....well, you could make more yummy food  (but only if I'm there) <---LOL


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