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Service is a privilege! You are blessed when you buy because you may count on the fact that all the proceeds that Rani receives are donated to deserving charitable projects worldwide.  Your donation and/or support of the book will make a huge difference! Please recommend the book to all your friends!

In the Punjab

The astonishing work of the Kalgidhar Trust and Baru Sahib sewadars in the past few years leave no doubt of their commitment and God's blessing on their work to bring good living habits, harmony and excellent education to thousands of children and adults across Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Their commitment to women and girls as well as to men and boys is admirable and a ballast against the rampant ills that plague society such as corruption, drug addiction, pollution, violence, etc. Their success is a boon to Punjabi society and world peace.                       

In Cyberspace

The hymn that was sung from the golden Temple on the 10th anniversary of our grandson, Benny's passing says that there is no greater service than aiding individuals around the world connect with their Source Divine. Many thanks to Sikhnet for providing the English, Spanish, and Hindi translations of the hymn selected daily, at random, from a most wonderful book, the Guru Granth Sahib containing the ecstatic hymns of inspired individuals of several religions and over generations.  

In New Jersey

Bennett was almost five years old in 2002 when he died suddenly of a rare immune disorder, CGD. He had not yet started kindergarten. Yet, even at the tender age of four, he really enjoyed sharing with others. His extended family, which was made up of people from many cultures, races and religions taught him that God is One, and all are God’s children. They taught him to make his best effort, and to keep trying, no matter what the obstacle. In his memory, the family has chosen to present scholarships to gifted students of limited means.

            Bennett Singh Brand                                       The Brand Family

One hundred percent of your gift will go to help a deserving student. Dozens of students Dunellen High School students have been have been encouraged by the availability of the “Benny” scholarship to apply and be accepted to academic summer programs where they have gained academic prowess, social skills, and the confidence that they can succeed on campus and away from home. Many have gone on to win complete scholarships from colleges, even Harvard and Brown!

Since the program began in 2002, over $38,000 has been distributed, thanks to the generosity of folks like you. 
One hundred percent of the donations from the cooking classes taught by Rani have gone into the scholarships. In addition, there have been many other generous supporters to keep this worthwhile cause.

Your support is very much appreciated and donations are accepted any time. Contat Rani for further info.  Thanks!

Here is a photo of the wonderful 2015 scholarship winners. 


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