Last Friday during our Tolle group meeting, Shu brought up the three sources of happiness in Taoist philosophy. One is the solitary enjoyment of simple things. Maybe because it is the 14th anniversary of Bebeji's passing this week, I was flooded with the memory of the first time I saw her folding her clothes.
In the spirit of "full disclosure", you have to understand that for me, folding clothes was a chore to "get over with" so I could "get on with something important!" Watching Bebeji, the respectful way she concentrated on the task -- folding so that each corner was perfectly even; stacking so that no extraneous flap appeared, I realized something far more important was going on. She was fully present to, and in, her work. It was as if lightning had struck me.

That was forty-two years ago. Am I happy yet? I'm getting there.