Hi Friends and Family!

Check out the great review of the book on www.sikhchic.com to find a lovely review of Menus and Memories From Punjab. Our niece Meghan Dhaliwal took the picture of the Plain and Aloo Paraunthis in our kitchen. So proud that her photo made the cover of this wonderful online magazine. Very happy that the book is being so well received, especially the stories. Michele Gibson was moved to tears. Joyce wrote to me on my website www.ranisrecipes.com that she and her husband laughed hysterically at the "Polished" story.

What is needed now are people who will cook the recipes and report on them. So get out in that kitchen and "rattle those pots and pans" and tell others about your experience cooking with this book, please! Don't forget that you should salt and spice to your taste. These recipes give you the proportion and  template.
So many kids, especially the girls, are waiting to get a good education in the Akal Academies in Punjab. All of our profits go to them and we will continue to send the money from the book with your support. We were pleased to meet Babaji Iqbal Singh, the founder of Baru Sahib this week. He has truly worked miracles in this effort.
Thanks so very much! Pass this on to all your contacts.
All the best,
Veronica aka Rani

PS My former student, Jaskaran Kaur, the co-founder of ENSAAF is featured in the World section of TIME magazine. I'm so proud of her dedication. Please read the interesting article on India's Anti-Sikh Riots: Waiting for Justice. Will you help further awareness about the denial of justice by emailing the article through TIME's website? If enough supporters click on the link and email the article, it will be among the Most Popular/Most Emailed articles listed on the homepage, will be read by thousands of more individuals, and will send the message that violations of human rights in India will not be ignored.