Now, mind you, this is not fast food! But when I saw this large bag of beautiful limes in Costco I just had to make my Hot Lime-Ginger Pickle. (Do read through this, or any other recipe, before you begin making it.)
After I soaked 12 limes in hot, soapy water; rinsed and dried them, I cut off the stem end and cut them in eighths (or quarters).

In a very clean, dry 2 qt. jar, I sprinkled some kosher salt and started layering salt and limes (about 1 1/3 cups total salt). Put a layer of plastic wrap between the jar and the lid. I’m going to leave this on the counter near the sun (good luck to cooks in NJ this month!) for about two weeks or until the limes have started to shrink,
turning it upside down every so often.

Heat 1 cup edible mustard oil and 1 cup canola oil in a large wok (or all mustard oil if you like). Add 4 teaspoons mustard seeds and stir until they pop. Add 1½ tablespoons ground fenugreek seed and stir for a few seconds before adding at least 2 cups slivered ginger, ½ cup slivered jalapenos and 20 dried small red chilies. Stir-fry for 5 minutes over high heat.
Mix in the limes (leaving the juice), cover and cook for 5 minutes Add the juice. Stir and then cool a little before filling a clean jar to the top. Fasten a double layer of paper towel over the jar and fasten with a rubber band. Leave for a day until all the moisture is absorbed by the towel. Remove the paper and cover with plastic wrap before tightening the lid. It will be ready to eat in 3-4 more weeks. Especially good with methi paraunthas—Flatbreads stuffedwith fenugreek leaves and potatoes. (See Menus and Memories From Punjab, p. 158).