June is such a busy month for most people. We are no exceptions. Seers have said that this month, this year is a time of completion. Menus and Memories is now complete after seven years, fulfilling that cycle. You may find much in your life that is closing or shifting as well.

June 1st -- The month began with the passing of our friend, Dr. Daljit K. Gill’s mother who reached the age of 97, a woman with a lovely nature that shone from her face. God speed home, Punjab Kaur! You have completed your journey.

June 2nd -- Our Tao Study Group met here. So many insights!

June 4th -- Six lively students were presented with the Bennett Singh Brand Memorial Scholarships to attend summer academic programs.

From left to right: Kelly (Music), Wendy (Gen. Psych), Patricia (DNA), Carly (Phil/Psych), Micaela (Biotech), Christiian (Gen Psych). Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to the donors who have made this possible!

Also Orm left for Bangkok. We miss her already!

June 7th -- Colleague and friend, Joan Howie’s 80th birthday.
June 10th -- Finally, after all these years in this metro area, will visit The Cloisters in the city with my Red Hat friends. The world of beautiful art, architecture, and natural vistas combine there.
June 11th -- Nephew Tony Gill arrives from Toronto. He also has a book in the works.

June 13th -- I will be giving a talk on the publishing of my book at the New School in Manhattan in Andrew F. Smith’s class on “How to Get Your Cookbook Published”. There is still time to sign up!  See the Calendar for details!

June 14th-- Granddaughters, Samantha and Sophia Kaur’s recital.
June 18th -- Granddaughter, Natasha Kaur graduates from 8th grade.

Last week of June, camping with the grandkids.
June 26th -- Chorale member Glory Bowen’s daughter (also Glory Bowen) has directed a series of plays off Broadway and we will see two that afternoon and evening.
June 28th Happy birthday to Parmpal Singh, my dear (and handsome) husband of 45 years! God bless you.