"Veronica's ground turkey and peas dish is based off her husband's version of keema mutter. A very popular dish in India, keema mutter is a main dish that packs a lot of spice. But just because it's spicy, doesn't mean that it's too hot for you to handle! It's jam-packed full of flavor to get your taste buds working overtime. Veronica's recipe uses ground turkey instead of beef or lamb. Extra lean ground turkey, made from white meat, is lower in calories, fat and cholesterol compared to the other protein sources. Don't like turkey? Well, just follow Veronica’s instructions for substituting tofu. The dish gets its delightful flavor from a mix of several Swanson spices—including turmeric, cumin, ginger, garlic and cinnamon. If you're stuck in a rut when it comes to figuring out what to make for dinner, spice up your table with the authentic taste of this traditional Indian dish."

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