There is a lie at the beginning of this blog. Talking about all the roles I have filled in this lifetime -- daughter, student, wife,  grandmother, etc. -- certainly I have been all of them. But at my core, none of them. Eventually every role, every relationship drops away.  Even this body I inhabit will be no more. Then who am I? Guru Arjan Devji sings an answer:

The actor stages the play, playing the many characters in different costumes;
but when the play ends, he takes off the  costumes, and then he is one, and only one.
How many forms and images appeared and disappeared? Where have they gone? Where did they come from? …
The one sky is reflected in thousands of water jugs, but when the jugs are broken, only the sky remains.
Doubt comes from greed, emotional attachment and the corruption of Maya.
Freed from doubt, one realizes the One Lord alone.

Page 736: Guru Granth Sahib