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"Sunshine Pasta", Spaghetti with Lemon Achaar

Posted by Veronica Sidhu on Wednesday, February 16, 2011, In : Recipes 

      Did you know that both Punjabis and Italians love lemon pickle, "sunshine in a jar"? (See photo below.) Decided to experiment with this Punjabi standby that I usually pair with paurantha, whole wheat flatbreads, or saag, stewed mixed greens, in Menus and Memories. Gave it an Italian setting in honor of the newest member of our extended family, Milo Umberto, born this week in Florence, Italy. It's a perky, fast and flavorful pasta dish. You may “doctor” it in so many ways. Punjabi/It...

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Sunshine in a Jar!

Posted by Veronica Sidhu on Sunday, January 30, 2011, In : Recipes 
The snow is falling but I have a little taste of sunshine in a jar, my homemade lemon pickle. It is SO easy to make.  Just lemons and salt (with a secret method you'll find on page 55 of M and M). It's great with my ultimate comfort food, subzi parauntha, a delectable vegetable-filled flat-bread. That recipe is on this blog. Get cozy and get some sunshine!


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Hot Lime-Ginger Pickle (Tej Nimbo Te Adrak Achar)

Posted by Veronica Sidhu on Sunday, June 21, 2009, In : Recipes 
Now, mind you, this is not fast food! But when I saw this large bag of beautiful limes in Costco I just had to make my Hot Lime-Ginger Pickle. (Do read through this, or any other recipe, before you begin making it.)
After I soaked 12 limes in hot, soapy water; rinsed and dried them, I cut off the stem end and cut them in eighths (or quarters).

In a very clean, dry 2 qt. jar, I sprinkled some kosher salt and started layering salt and limes (about 1 1/3 cups total salt). Put a layer of p...
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