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Brrr! Perfect Weather for Parauntha!

Posted by Veronica Sidhu on Friday, December 1, 2017, In : Recipes 
My husband was thrilled to get a parauntha for breakfast, His only complaint--where’s the pat of butter? He’s gone off hot peppers, but you can mince as much green, or add red pepper flakes to your taste. Fresh ginger heats him up enough.


Tazi Mooli Ya Gobee Parautha (vegan)

Yield: 8 breads


Serve these breads for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner the Punjabi way with plain yogurt, red onion slices, a pat of butter and some so...

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Yellow Chickpea Lentils with Long Squash (vegan) and Grilled Whole-Wheat Flat Breads (vegan)

Posted by Veronica Sidhu on Sunday, May 17, 2009, In : Recipes 
This is the one of (God willing) many opportunities to share my recipes with you. I wish to start off the year with two healthy recipes from my book Menus and Memories from Punjab: Meals to Nourish Body and Soul because they are really hearty -- stick to the ribs, yet low in fat and delicious! Lentils and bread are the base of the Punjabi diet. Punjabis don’t feel they have eaten a meal unless it has bread. This one is so simple, just flour and water -- but wait ‘til you taste them!

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