I've been trying to build my immunity before the winter cold and flu season. Have you?  Once in a while I’ll come across an article that speaks to me. This one by the yoga and ayurvedic instructor, Laura Plumb, reinforced my commitment to practice some daily “warming” additions to my routines. The spice blend she recommends has the spices that heat the body, like ginger, tamp inflammation like turmeric, aid digestion like fennel and cumin, and fight viruses and bacteria like cloves. Warming spice blend is also known as Garam Masala. Traditionally it does not have ginger powder because fresh ginger root is usually used in the recipes using garam masala. All of the spices Laura recommends are found in the recipes in Menus and Memories from Punjab if you are interested in something more tasty and nutritious than a tea. Here is a link to her article: https://spiritualityhealth.com/articles/2018/11/29/immunity-spice-blend-for-autumn#