Wow! Thrilled to see how well received “Menus and Memories” has been over the past 10 years. From the launch of the book from prestigious Rubin Museum of Art to the publication of the new, expanded version with 32 chapter and 230 mouth-watering recipes, it’s been a wild and wonderful opportunity to bring the food and culture of Punjab to all. 

Watch an excerpt from my book launch on 9/9/09 at the wonderful Rubin Museum of Art:

Arranged in a unique format, this cookbook takes the reader on a nostalgic culinary journey. A colorful memory introduces each menu, bringing the culture and cuisine of the Punjab alive for the readers. You will learn what happened the moment I met my future husband and how I promised to care for a woman I had not yet met -- journeying half-way around the world and living in a village, which at that time had no electricity nor running water. You’ll learn about the colorful festivals and their famous traditional dishes as well as learning how to prepare a complete, balanced dinner from appetizer to dessert -- a meal that would please the most discerning mother-in-law. But if you want to choose only one recipe to start, that’s easy too. The index in the back lists them all by category.

This edition also includes information on the health benefits of the fragrant spices that have only now been hailed in the Western medical canon. Try one or several to test your taste bud preferences. Know that you are helping your body while enjoying delicious food.

Of the 230 recipes, 126 are vegan and 85 are vegetarian, all marked as such for your convenience.  If you have problems with nuts or dairy or eggs, you will easily be able to avoid them because they are listed in the index.  There are 24 great recipes for flatbreads that will make you a pro. And if you like the sweet life, there are 42 desserts. Menus and Memories is a comprehensive guide to the cuisine of  and culture of Punjab.

About the publisher: Hippocrene Books


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