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Welcome to Rani's Recipes! 

    Just for You! Punjabi food is what most Americans have eaten in Indian restaurants--the naan bread and chicken tikka masala are all here. Rani learned from the best--her mother-in-law and her auntie's special dishes like mouth-watering paalak paneer, spinach with cheese squares and glorious, golden pilafs. Now the critically acclaimed, Menus and Memories From Punjab: Meals to Nourish Body and Soul, will transport you through entertaining stories, and easy to follow recipes. For those new to Indian cooking, an entire menu is presented so that textures, flavors and nutritional value are balanced. Traditional Punjabi pairings like greens and corn breads-- saag and mukkee di roti are respected. You will cook like a pro!

     Check out her blog and cook up a new scrumptious recipe.  Read her posts to nourish your body and soul on topics as diverse as the health benefits of spices and the insights of spiritual masters from many traditions.   
    Eat well and do good! 
100% of the proceeds from her book and classes go to charity.
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